Giant orbital cysts after strabismus surgery.

Curtis TH, Stout AU, Drack AV, Durairaj VD.

To describe a rarely reported complication of strabismus surgery.
Observational case series.
A review of four eyes in three patients with orbital cysts following strabismus surgery.
Each patient had either a symptomatic strabismus or visible mass that brought them to medical attention many years, often decades after surgery (mean 34 years). All had some degree of incomitancy. During surgery, all cysts were found to be associated with the involved rectus muscle.
Orbital cysts are a rarely recognized complication of strabismus surgery. However, it should be considered in the differential of orbital cysts after strabismus surgery because of the risk of muscle damage during surgical excision.

American Journal of Ophthalmology
Additional Information: 
Volume 142, Issue 4, October 2006, Pages 697–699
Publication Date: 
Sep 30 2006
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