Drack Lab Publishes Nystagmus Paper in the journal Ophthalmic Genetics

Fri, 02/24/2017 - 15:15

In Summer 2016, Morgan Berstch (M2) conducted a retrospective chart review through Drack Labs that explored the methodology of physicians who diagnose infantile nystagmus. She compiled data from 284 patient charts in order to search for the most common diagnoses. From this research, she was able to determine the most effective testing methods for diagnosing infantile nystagmus as well as determining the most common etiologies of this condition.

Morgan presented her findings at the Annual Medical Student Research Day and won the William E. Scott Award for Ophthalmology Research. These findings were later expanded into a paper, The Clinical Evaluation of Infantile Nystagmus: What to do First and Why. This paper was recently published in Ophthalmic Genetics (Vol. 38, 2017 – Issue 1, Pgs. 22-33), where ophthalmologists and other specialists will be able to utilize this information to improve their methods for diagnosing patients with infantile nystagmus.