Visual acuity changes in patients with leber congenital amaurosis and mutations in CEP290.

McAnany JJ, Genead MA, Walia S, Drack AV, Stone EM, Koenekoop RK, Traboulsi EI, Smith A, Weleber RG, Jacobson SG, Fishman GA.

To evaluate changes in visual acuity (VA) over time in patients with Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) and mutations in the CEP290 gene.
Visual acuity was determined at the initial and most recent visits of 43 patients with LCA and CEP290 mutations. The main outcome measures included the best-corrected VA at the initial and most recent visits, as well as the correlation between age and VA.
At the initial visit, 14 patients had measurable chart VA in the better-seeing eye, 25 patients had nonmeasurable chart VA, and 4 young patients did not have VA assessed. At the most recent visit, 15 patients had measurable chart VA and 28 had nonmeasurable chart VA. The average interval between the 2 visits was 10.4 years (range, 2-47 years). For patients with measurable chart VA, the median logMAR value at the initial visit (0.75; range, 0.10-2.30) and at the most recent visit (0.70; range, 0.10-2.00) did not differ significantly (P> .05). There was no significant relationship between VA and age.
Patients with LCA and CEP290 mutations had a wide spectrum of VA that was not related to age or length of follow-up. Severe VA loss was observed in most, but not all, patients in the first decade. These data will help clinicians provide counseling on VA changes in patients with CEP290 mutations and could be of value for future treatment trials.

JAMA Ophthalmology
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2013 Feb;131(2):178-82.
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Jun 20 2013
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