A family with branchio-oculo-facial syndrome with primarily ocular involvement associated with mutation of the TFAP2A gene.

Dumitrescu AV, Milunsky JM, Longmuir SQ, Drack AV.

Branchio-Oculo-Facial syndrome (BOFS) is a rare, autosomal dominant developmental disorder that has a distinct phenotype with characteristic craniofacial abnormalities. We report a family with extensive ocular manifestations of BOFS caused by a novel mutation in the transcription factor AP-2 alpha (TFAP2A) gene.
Case report of phenotypic and genotypic characterization of a family with BOFS.
An infant presenting with anophththalmia/coloboma and subtle craniofacial symptoms was found to have a family history of congenital cataracts and colobomas in her mother. A mutation in the TFAP2A gene associated with BOFS (heterozygous H384Y in exon 7) was found in both the proband and her mother. This mutation had not been reported previously. Compared with other molecularly confirmed cases in the literature, this family has primarily ocular features, which are severe.
BOFS can have profound ocular involvement without prominent extraocular features. When the syndrome presents in this way, it may be confused with isolated autosomal dominant chorioretinal coloboma. Testing for mutations in the TFAP2A gene is recommended to establish an accurate diagnosis for the family.

Ophthalmic genetics.
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2012 Jun;33(2):100-6.
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Dec 22 2011
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